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The Rob and Slim Show is a comedy podcast in the style of morning talk radio. We discuses news stories, watch viral videos, and talk about whatever we want to whoever we want. Proud members of #PodernFamily

March 10, 2017

#111 Spamuel Adams Day: Dougie Almeida, Bum Wine Bob, David Banks, Tracy Rosenberg, & Mindfudge

We opened the show with "Hitler's Suicide Note" by Rucka Rucka Ali. Go check out his podcast "Rucka's Late Night Power Hour".

We were joined live by our good friend Hollywood Christian who hadn't been in since his boxing match with Slim earlier this season. We talked to Executive Intern Pete about his "bug" test and T-shirt etiquette, and enjoyed some more of the amazing Beef Jerky from www.FiveFingerJerky.com which you can save 10% off of your entire order by using discount code ROBANDSLIMSHOW at checkout. Hollywood Christian played the second installment of "Who Slam It Be Now?" solo and against Slim and Slamborghini, Slambo Sang "Million Reasons" by Lady Gaga, and Slim enjoyed a delicious Spamuel Adams, which of course is a Spam and Sam Adams Boston Lager Smoothie.

We interviewed Comedian and Podcaster Dougie Almeida, Podcaster Bum Wine Bob from Bumming With Bobcat, Hollywood Actor David Banks, then when Comedian Steve Trevino didn't call in, we talked anime, cartoons, and had a sweet rap cypher. We interviewed Comedian and Teacher Tracy Rosenberg who had a great story about Donald J. Trump, and Justin and George from The Mindfudge Comedy Podcast and Gray Bear Comics.

It was a great show!

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