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The Rob and Slim Show is a comedy podcast in the style of morning talk radio. We discuses news stories, watch viral videos, and talk about whatever we want to whoever we want. Proud members of #PodernFamily

October 25, 2015

#52 Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty: Hangover Pretzels, IllAnoise, LOU KA$H, MK14, and Zeke Herrera

It was a great Back To The Future Day our first day broadcasting on ipmNation.com. We had our good friend Hollywood Christian Vogel join us when Mike got stuck in an alternate 2015. We went over a bunch of stuff, and then the guys went out to confirm if the Jersey Devil was really in the area as reported a few weeks earlier. What they found was astounding!

We interviewed John from The Hangover Pretzel Company, Rappers IllAnoise, LOU KA$H, and MK14, and Comedian Zeke Herrera.

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