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The Rob and Slim Show is a comedy podcast in the style of morning talk radio. We discuses news stories, watch viral videos, and talk about whatever we want to whoever we want. Proud members of #PodernFamily

February 19, 2016

#68 “New Shows!” Sauce, Doug Canney, BOTZY, Eric Grady, and COLOSSAL NUDGE Cameron RE-RE

We opened with Sauce's new track "Keep On Flowing Songs" Please check him out at www.SoySauceSound.com.

In a complete programming overhaul, we launched 4 new shows in order to take over our station's top ten. Rob introduced "Parenthood: with Rob Van Orten". Slim unveiled "Slimspiracies". Mike let off some steam with "FUCK COPS WITH MIIIIIIKE!!!!!!!!". And our very own Executive Intern Pete launched "Uncle Pete's Kids Korner: Uncle Pete corners kids about having cancer".

We interviewed our good friend and Rapper Soy Sauce aka Matisse, Musician and Comedian Doug Canney, Rapper Botzy, "World's Tallest Comedian" Eric Grady.

We ended the show talking zilch "Comedian" and vitamin/sweatshirt peddler Cameron RE-RE who just badgered us and friends of ours with messages, and sent Rob's girlfriend some really creepy messages as well. Good riddance jerk off!

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