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The Rob and Slim Show is a comedy podcast in the style of morning talk radio. We discuses news stories, watch viral videos, and talk about whatever we want to whoever we want. Proud members of #PodernFamily

January 12, 2018

#147 Matt Mellor, Cierra Tregaskis, Dr. J, David The Producer, Adam Weidman, and Erica Rhodes

We opened the show with "Livin' In The Vatican" by Rucka Rucka Ali, Rob talked about some douche bag he had a run in a few nights earlier, and we listened to the brand new "Ryder Reacts To Urban Dictionary" by Ryder Doll. Then we heard the new "Bedtime Stories with Sleepy Lucas" which was "The Karate Cunt" and performed the new "Too Many Rapes" titled "The Deep Freeze". Rob did Drizzlenews, and Slim did "Slim's Celebrity News and Gossip.


We called Podcaster Ped from "Ped and Mellor" when  "Matt Mellor was a few minutes late calling in to wish him a happy birthday, then talked to Matt and got an amazing call from Ryder during it. Then we talked to Paranormal Investigator Cierra Tregaskis, retired Sex Therapist and Erotica Author Dr. J., David The Producer from The Unwritable Rant with Juliette Miranda, Comedian Adam Weidman got anal-ized by Dr. Rapenstein, and finished the show talking to Actress and Comedian Erica Rhodes.


It was a great show!

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