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The Rob and Slim Show is a comedy podcast in the style of morning talk radio. We discuses news stories, watch viral videos, and talk about whatever we want to whoever we want. Proud members of #PodernFamily

December 8, 2018

#183 “No Santa” with Ryan Patrick Welsh from “Outpost” The Film, Steve Hamm, Tucker Booth, & RWY

We opened the show with "Good Kids Smoke Crack" by Rucka Rucka Ali, talked about a substitute teacher in New Jersey who told kids there was no Santa, Christmas gifts, and Breaking Bad. The Driz performed "Uproar" by Lil Wayne for "The Driz Sings The Hits" and we performed the new "Too Many Rapes: Lost In Rapes" titled "A Frankie And Spaceship Adventure". Rob did DRIZZLENEWS and Slim did Celebrity Gossip And News.


We interviewed Actor Ryan Patrick Welsh from "Outpost" The Film, Actor Steve Hamm, and Musician Tucker Booth. John and Jon ended the show for us talking to some immigration and ethnicity expert.


It was a great show!

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